THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA • Los Angeles, CA – Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies, Cum Laude • May 1997


Honors Diploma in Jazz Studies • May 1990

Additional courses at UCLA Extension in Film Scoring & the Recording Industry.


-Complete expertise in electronic and acoustic music composition, scoring for film, television, electronic music programming and remixing.

-Extensive training and experience as a recording engineer, studio designer, post production. trouble-shooter and digital music mastering engineer.

– Ability to successfully blend traditional scoring technique with current popular genres;

-Thorough knowledge of Pro Tools and Logic Audio systems for sound and music production.


Music Composer, Producer, Audio Mixer, and Sound Designer (1997 to Present)

Projects include compositions or sound design for Discovery Channel, Chiller, Gameshow, CTV, TSN, and RDI Television Networks, Q Factory Productions for Movie Trailer Music Productions, Tonal Injection Film and TV Promo Library, and TM Century Radio Imaging Library.

Audio Post Production Mixer and Editor (2001 to Present)

Music Director (2013 to Present)

Music Direction and English Vocal Production for “Violetta” International TV Series for SDI Multimedia / Disney

Music Production and Post Audio Systems Consultant (1997 to Present)

Music production systems design; installation and maintenance for most major DAW systems including Pro Tools, Logic Pro.

Sound FX Editor, Music Editor, and Foley Recording



“Violetta” – TV Series, SDI Multimedia / Disney, Angela Sa, Head of International Dubbing (Music Director and Vocal Production).

Q-Factory Film Trailer Music Library – Various Music for Multiple CD Releases (Composer, Sound Design, and Production).

Tonal Injections Film and TV Promo Music Library – Various Music for Multiple CD Releases (Composer, Sound Design, and Production).

TM Century Radio Imaging and Promo Music Library – International Radio Music Production Library distributed in 30 countries (Composer, producer, sound designer and recording engineer): TM Century Dallas TX

CTV Television Network Canada – Various News Themes, Documentaries and Sports Programs, including TSN, RDI, and Discovery networks

“Plim Plim” – Animation TV Series, Arvintel Productions, Ruben Arvizu-Producer (Arranging, and Vocal Production)

“The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure” – Feature Film, (Synthesizer and Rhythm Programming, Sound Design, and Production) Gayle Dickie, Producer

CTV Music Library – Various Music and Themes (Composer, Producer, Synthesizer Programming, Sound Design) Joyce Matheson, Director

Nightingale Film and TV Promo Music Library – “Urban Crime and Drama” CD (Co-Composer, Sound Design, and Production)

Caribbean Vibrations – TV Series, Various Music and Themes, Omni Network (Co-writer and production).

“Factory City” – TV Documentary, Discovery Network (Composer, including Main Titles, various music, Sound Design, and Production)

CP24 News Network – Network Music Logo (Co-writer and production)

NBC’s Chiller Network – Network Music Logo (Co-writer and production)

“The Gold Bracelet” – Feature Film, K.R. Films Hollywood, Kavi Raz, Director,Producer (Composer, additional music)

“The Happy Cricket” – Animation TV Feature, Arvintel Productions, Ruben Arvizu-Producer (Arranging, and Production)

“Marco Antonio” – Animation TV Feature, Arvintel Productions, Ruben Arvizu-Producer (Composer, Production)

“Fake-A-Date” – Syndicated TV series, Game Show Network Productions, Tim Puntillo, Adam Zuvich, Producers (Composer and arranger – Theme and Background music)

“Robbery Homicide Division” – TV Series, Forward Pass Productions, Michael Mann-Exec Producer (Sound Effects Editor, studio designer, technical engineer)

“La Llorona Del Rio” – Short Film, AFI/Thrush Productions (Composer, Arranger and Mix Engineer): Terrilynn Thrush-Producer, David Becerra-Director.

Noteworthy: This film won The AngelCiti 2001 Chicago Film Festival, “Best Foreign Film Award”, and accepted into The Los Angeles Latino Film Festival 2001, and The New York International Latino Film Festival 2001

“Entrapment” – Feature Film, 20th Century Fox Productions, Sean Connery-Executive Producer, John Ameil-Director (Synthesizer and Rhythm Programming, Orchestrations and Arrangements)

“In Too Deep” – Feature Film, Dimension Films, Paul Aaron-Producer, Michael Rymer-Director (Synthesizer and Rhythm Programming, Orchestrations and Arrangements)

“Big Trouble”– Feature Film, Touchstone Pictures (Synthesizer and Rhythm Programming and composition, additional music): Barry Sonnenfeld Producer/Director

“Eco Music Colors”– Japanese TV Series, Road & Sky Entertainment (Composer, Arranger and Mix Engineer): Naohisa Hakada-Producer, Yasuji Koda-Director

“Spiderman Unlimited”– Internationally Syndicated Animated TV Series, Fox Kids TV, David Leon-VP of Music (Composer, Arranger, Programmer and Mix Engineer)

“Tha’ Crib” – Feature Film, Touchdown Entertainment, Dale Stelly-Producer, Director (Composer. Arranger, Sound Effects Editor and Mix Engineer)

“Welfare To Millionaire” – Feature Film, Touchdown Entertainment, Dale Stelly-Producer, Director (Composer. Arranger, and Mix Engineer)

“World Magic Awards” – Internationally Televised Award Show, Fox Family Channel, David Leon-VP of Music (Composer, Arranger, Producer and Mix Engineer):

“Moving August” – Feature Film, Very Moving Pictures LLC (Music Editor, Arranger and Sound FX Composition): Christopher Fink-Producer, Director, Writer

“Getting Hal”– Feature Film, Independent (Synthesizer Programming, Score Recording, Mixing and composition): Tony Markes-Producer/Director/Writer

“Anacardium” – Feature Film, Independent (Synthesizer Programming and Arranging, Score Recording, Mixing and composition): Scott Thomas-Producer/Director

“Menace”– Feature Film, Rebel Child Productions (Synthesizer and Rhythm Programming and composition): Amir Mann-Producer/Director

“Undressed”– TV Series, MTV Productions (Sound Effects Editor and Arranger)

“Are You The One” & “Next To You” – Original Songs Released to SABAN Entertainment for Source Music (Lyrics, Music Composition and Production): Ian Nickus-Music Supervisor

Digital Creative Services Canada – Music Library Production House (Senior Staff Composer, Arranger and Producer): For television shows such as: Sex in The City, Canada AM, ESPN Sports, Blue Jay Baseball, Indy Car Racing, CNN (War in Iraq), Simone Denny (“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” – Vocalist)


Lee Ritenour – “Rhythm Sessions” Album, Concord Records (Editing): Lee Ritenour-Producer, Artist, Composer

Kenny G-Christmas Album – Arista Records (Digital music programming, Editing and Engineering): Walter Afanasief-Producer

The GOO GOO Dolls – From the Album, “Gutterflower”/ “Disco” & “Hollywood Acoustic” for Warner Brothers Records (Digital editing, Arranging and Engineering):Rob Cavallo-Producer

Fastball – “Outta My Head” Special MTV Remix for Hollywood Records (Remix re-composition, Arranging, Rhythm Programming and Engineering): Julian Raymond-Producer

Katy Rose – From the album “Because I Can” for V2 Records (Digital editing, Arranging and Engineering): Kim Bullard– Producer

Naomi Tamura – From the Album “Treasure For Each of Us” / “River”, “Every Time”, “Brand New Day”, and “Ballad” for Zetima Records (Synthesizer and Rhythm Programming and Arranging): Joey Carbone-Producer

John Wesley Harding – Album for Mammoth Records (Digital editing, Arranging and Engineering): Julian Raymond-Producer

The Alice Band – Album for BMG Records International (Digital editing, Arranging and Engineering): Kim Bullard-Producer

Amy Skye – Songs for RCA Canada (Remix re-composition, Arranging, Rhythm Programming and Engineering): Kim Bullard-Producer

Roger Bains – “Desperate Love”& “Can’t Stop My Love” Remixes for High Beam Super Productions (Remix recomposition, Arranging, Rhythm Programming and Engineering): Wendy Mayers-Producer

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